For the month of December I wanted to share my favorite health products from Amazon. Please note, this post contains affiliate links. 

1. Plant Therapy Germ Destroyer Essential Oil Blend 

I love this oil to support my immunity during cold and flu season. This blend is part of Plant Therapy’s Kid Safe oil line and may be used around children ages 2-10.  I love diffusing it anytime I start to feel a bit under the weather.

2. Zammer Collagen Peptides 

This product is great to use for skin, joints, and muscles. Did you know that by age 30 your body stops producing as much collagen as it once did and without collagen your skin will start to age. This collagen powder is great to mix with any of your drinks through out the day. I like to mix it with my protein shake (see below), my morning amino acids (see below) and coffee. 

3. Fitmiss Delight Protein Powder Chocolate Delight 

I found Fitmiss Delight Protein Powder several years ago when I initially started following a low carb lifestyle. It has great taste and low carbs and doesn’t have too much protein. The chocolate delight is my favorite flavor but I have tried both the cappuccino and vanilla chai. 

4. RSP Amino Lean 

This product is a great pre-workout and fat burner product. With caffeine from green tea extract this product gives you the energy for the whole day without the jitters and crash. You can use this product pre-workout, post-workout, or really anytime throughout the day.