Hand Sanitizers are used as some point by just about everyone and you can find hand sanitizer stations just about anywhere you go. So, since it’s the germy time of year I went on the hunt for something extra to keep the germs away. I use essential oils for support against germs in my diffuser and topically on my feet at night but I wanted something that I can use when I am on the go.

Now, obviously it is your best bet to always try to wash your hands but sometimes that isn’t always possible. Have you ever touched something gross on a shopping cart and look for something to clean your hands? This recipe for hand sanitizer is the perfect go-to for these types of situations and can be kept in your purse or anywhere you would like it.

Another reason why I wanted to create my own hand sanitizer is that some of the hand sanitizer you find on the market may not have the best ingredients in them. This recipe does not contain any alcohol.

The Germ Fighter Essential Oil Blend is from my favorite oil company Plant Therapy. This blend is not kid safe so if little ones will be using the hand sanitizer or you will be around little ones regularly i would suggest using Germ Destroyer from Plant Therapy instead.

Germ Fighter Blend Ingredients:



Eucalyptus Golbulus

Cinnamon Cassia


Here is my recipe for a DIY Hand Sanitizer.


Hand Sanitizer Ingredients:

2 oz Flip Top Container

4 tablespoons or 2 oz of Aloe Jelly (My favorite is of course from Plant Therapy)

8 Drops of Germ Fighter (Plant Therapy) or Germ Destroyer (Plant Therapy Kid-Safe Blend).

1 teaspoon of Vitamin E


  1. Pour the 2 oz or 4 tablespoons of Aloe Jelly into your flip top container
  2. Add your 8 drops of Germ Fighter or Germ Destroyer
  3. Add in the teaspoon of Vitamin E
  4. Shake the mixture well to incorporate the essential oils well.
  5. Use a dime size as needed.

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